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Reseller/Affiliate Program

eTalkup is continually seeking partnerships with complementary businesses and service providers. If you are a website designer, host provider, or software vendor, Provide Support is ready and able to meet your clients' live support needs.

As a leading Live Chat software provider, we love to work with our partners to have more customers enjoy the benefit of our product being to their business – increase sales, lower cost, improve customer satisfaction, and gain insights of visitors.

Our partner program is superior in the area and simple to sign up and track. We are guaranteed that all the fist $50 the customers you are referring to us will pay back to you. And you can get 30% of their subscription payment.

Please contact us. for more detailed information. Our friendly customer representative will contact you to tailor the best efficient program and payment method for you. You can make hundreds and even tens of thousands of dollars by working with us!

Co-Branding/OEM Service
We have been seeing the below scenarios:
As a large organization, you want to provide Instant Messenger software (in your own brand) to your members/employees.
As a Web 2.0 site, you may want provide IM/Web Chat feature to your users.
As an enterprise software and solution provider (e.g. CRM), you may want to add IM/VoIP features into your system.
And more ...
eTalkup is right for you!  eTalkup is the leading Web Chat, Instant Messaging, VoIP solution provider. Our flexible architecture was designed to be easily adapted, integrated into other systems. We can help you build Chat/IM software in your own brand or integrate the chat features into your existing systems.  Please contact us now at partnership@etalkup.com.
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