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Increase Auto Sales with eTalkup

As a car dealership website owner, you want the web visitor assisted while a prospective customer visits your website, looks around, and checks out your vehicles.

Using eTalkup, you can greet the customer online, help him/her on his/her decision, pre-qualify them and start the sales process. It is like your website is alive with a real representative.

eTalkup also allows sales representative to see which autos website visitors are looking at and how much time they are spending on each one. Your representative can proactively invite these website visitors to discuss what they are looking for.
eTalkup is the online tool that boosts your dealership website with live sales. It's the web live customer service that will help you to win over your competitors.
eTalkup will allow you send visitors manufacturer brochures and offer them special discounts and promotions.
One representative can assist several online visitors simultaneously. The most way to multitasking even they are on the phone.

eTalkup is the most cost effective for dealerships of all sizes. eTalkup provide free voice chat and will help to cut your monthly toll free and telephone bill.
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