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eTalkup is your online live real agent

eTalkup provides real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other real estate industry professionals a live internet presence, allowing them to chat and answer web visitors’ (your prospective clients) questions. eTalkup provides an easy way to make initial contact, trade information, and set up appointments to view properties for your agents.

eTalkup’s website monitoring feature allows agents to see which listings web visitors are looking at and how much time they are looking at them.

Agents can invite website visitors via eTalkup into a live chat to discuss what kind of type of house they are looking for. It will increase the agent’s opportunity to increase the visitor’s interest in the listings.

eTalkup allows agents to show potential buyers listings that meet their specifications without having to drive them all over town.
Instant messaging feature helps private, company-wide and company-to-company communication among your agents.
Each agent can customize the appearance of his/her chat window with a photo or individual logo. Greetings and system messages may also be personalized.
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