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About eTalkup
 How does eTalkup differ and better than other similar services?
We can proudly claim that we have the most and best features in the live chat software. Our experienced and capable product team follows the development trend in the field and keeps adding new features requested by our customers. All our current customers receive all upgrades for free. We also provide friendly, personalized support.
 What is the stability of the company and service?
We are a United States Washington State registered corporation with a strong development, sales and support team. Our servers are housed in a secure and world-class data center. This is the one of the most stable and well-connected data centers in the world, with over 99.9 % uptime guarantee.
 What is unique of eTalkup technology?
Our software is developed using the best practice to achieve scalability and excellent reliability. Our system is open and provides the best SDK and customizable functionalities.
 Do you provide customer support along with the software?
We provide customer support per your request. Most support we can provide free online. We may charge fees for certain advanced service to tailor your service.
 Can I download the software and install it on my server?
Yes. For security purposes or expectation of large number of users, we can set up servers as appliances for you.
 Can I use eTalkup on more than one website at the same time?
Yes. Our service can be used on any number of web pages or sites. The subscription package defines only the number of operators.
Free Trial and Live Demo
 Do you have demo of you service?
Yes. You can access it on the Tours & Demo page.
 Do I need to enter my credit card info or make a pre-payment for the trial?
No. We will bill you according to your subscription package and submit payment.
 Can I keep my settings after my version changes?
Yes. All of your settings will continue uninterrupted when you sign up for different versions.
 Can a non-technical person set this up?
Absolutely. No advanced technical skills are required. You only need to add a chat button to your website pages and then access to your web server to upload (publish) the changes. If you need assistance, please contact us.
 Is there any additional software that has to be installed on my system to use your software?
No additional software is necessary.
 How do I add the chat feature to my website?
You simply paste a short snippet of chat button HTML script into your web page source code and upload the updated page to your web server. When your client clicks on the chat button, this code will load a Popup Messenger from our servers.


 Can I have my customers include info like company, email, etc. when they're asking for support?
Yes. You can define fields that your customers fill-in after they click on the chat button. You can add simple text fields for short texts such as email addresses; text areas for longer messages, such as customer problem descriptions; fields allowing your customers to select a specific department or operator.
 Can we monitor the search engines and what keywords people use to find our site?
Our operator interface allows you to see where your visitor came from (referrer address). If they enter your website from search engine page, you'd have search phrase included into the referrer address. This is real-time monitoring of your website visitors.
 Can I create predefined answers if I know I'm going to be asked the same questions by most visitors, so I don't have to repeatedly type in the same answers?
Yes. You can create canned responses inside your account administration area. You can define answers on company level - accessible to all operators, on department level - accessible to operators associated with particular department, and for each operator individually. After you set up predefined answers, your operators will be able to choose them from a drop-down list in the operator console. Your operators may edit or customize these messages as necessary before they are sent to the visitor.
 Do you also have the ability to push URL, so my customer can see it?
Yes. Type "open: www.blahblahaddress.com" (without quotes) in your operator console. This will open the page on your customer's computer in separate browser window, unless your customer is using a popup blocker. This address will also be highlighted and clickable in the message area. To save typing, you can create canned messages with "open:" and "goto:" commands for web addresses used frequently.
 Does eTalkup system have a co-browsing feature?
Yes. Type "goto: www.blahblahaddress.com" (without quotes) and your customer's current browser window will be redirected to the specified address. This command is useful if you need to redirect user to particular page on your or other website in his main window, without opening a new window. It will work even if your customer is using a popup blocker. The address will also be highlighted and clickable in the message area. To save typing, you can create canned messages with "open:" and "goto:" commands for web addresses used frequently.
 Is it possible to block IPs from myself?
Yes, you can set it up in the console.
 Can I monitor my website visitors without putting a chat button on the page?
Yes. We have a special version of HTML code that can be added to your web page that prevents a chat button from showing.

Chat Buttons

 Can we change the appearance of chat buttons to match our site better?
Yes. You can choose button images after you log in the control panel or upload your own images.
 Can I have different chat buttons on different pages of my site?
Yes. This can be achieved by placing slightly different version of our HTML code on each page of your site. This code would include the addresses of online and offline chat buttons you would like to have on each particular page of your website.
 Can I place chat buttons on more than one site / domain?
Yes. You can place chat buttons on any number of pages, sites, and domains. Your subscription package defines only the number of operators within your company account.
 Can your system be used with dynamic and secure web pages? Does it work properly on Linux hosting?
Yes. Our system works on both static and dynamic pages created with any technology (HTML, PHP, ASP, JSP, CGI and others), on any kind of hosting. We also have a version of chat button code that can be placed on secure pages without browser warnings. You can choose to run all your chat sessions over secure connections.
 Can I put a chat button in my email messages?
Yes. If your are using an email interface such as Microsoft Outlook that sends messages in HTML format, you would select the Source tab at the bottom of the message box and paste our auction HTML code into the source code of the message. When you select the Edit tab after inserting the code, you should see the chat button. You can then drag and drop the button to the desired position. If you are sending text-based emails, simply paste this link into the email: http://www.etalkup.com /<your account name>.html


 Do I have to be running DSL or cable?
Our service works fine on dial-up modem connections, but some kind of persistent connection is preferable for operators to be online most of the time.
 What about the security of our conversations?
If your conversations contain sensitive information, you can choose to run all your chat sessions over a secure connection. Our system supports industry-strength, 256-bit secure SSL connections.
 Will your product still work if I'm on a corporate network? Will our firewall, proxy server, or antivirus software affect it?
Our system works over standard HTTP or HTTPS (80 or 443 ports) and does not use any incoming connections. It should work without requiring port mapping / forwarding rules on any network where you can access web pages with browsers like Internet Explorer or Netscape. If you encounter any problems connecting to our service, let us know and we will find a solution.
 I can't log into my account.
Make sure you have spelled everything correctly. Note that the account name and operator login are not case sensitive, but the password is. Be sure you are not swapping the account name and operator login. If you forget your login information, contact us and we will send it to you.

Billing Questions

 Is there a setup fee? Monthly fee? Are there any additional payments?
We are the most affordable solutions with the world-class quality.  There are no setup fees, no contract and no additional payments. There is only a monthly service fee that can be paid each month, every three months, every six months, or annually. No additional payments.
 Will I be billed automatically each month?
Yes. When you subscribe for our paid service our system sets up automatic recurring payments on your account. Your credit card will be charged automatically at the beginning of the next billing cycle, periodically each 1, 3, 6, or 12 months depending on the subscription package you selected. You can cancel your subscription at any time. There is no additional costs associated with the cancellation.
 Can I add more operators later after I subscribe?
Yes, you can change your package at any time. This change is free.
 Are upgrades included? If I subscribe now, will I automatically get any new updates?
Yes. All future updates are free. Browser-based operator interface updates will be downloaded automatically, because pages are loaded from our servers each time you log in. We will send you an email notification when a new version of the stand-alone operator console is released for download.
 Let's say my sales staff goes home but wants to continue monitoring in the evening. The license restricts the number of operators but not how many places they can log-in from, right?
Yes. The subscription package defines only the total number of operator profiles within your account, not the locations they can monitor from. Operators can download and install operator console, and log in from any number of places, and serve any number of web sites. Operator can even have operator console open on several computers simultaneously. Your operator can start chat with a customer on one computer, then walk to the other computer and continue conversation from there.
 When does my billing cycle start?
The billing cycle starts when you subscribe for one of our paid subscription packages. You can choose one, three, six month or annual billing period. Extended subscription gives you significant discount, up to 40% for annual billing period.
 Is there a limit to the number of chats I can have each month?
There is no limit. You may have an unlimited number of chats with any number of unique visitors. Your subscription package defines only the number of operators within your company account.
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