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eTalkup to Give $50 Amazon Gift Card Promotion for New and Existing Customers
Release Date:04 / 28 / 2008

Hundreds of customers have installed eTalkup products and loved it!

To thank all customers’ support, eTalkup will lottery out one $50 Amazon gift card out of 50 customers who sign up for paying plans longer than 6 months. It applies to new customers and existing renewing customers.

eTalkup will also give out one $50 Amazon gift card for 50 customer feedbacks. Tell us what you think of eTalup. What features you want? Where we can improve? What specific need we can satisfy? Your opinion counts!

This promotion is in addition to sign-up discount for multi-month plans.
As a leading live chat software provider, eTalkup is one of the most stable, reliable and high-functional products on the market. Many customers select eTalkup after comparing many products and they like eTalkup keeping adding new features to satisfy customers’ need.

We at eTalkup will live to high-standard and provide customers the most affordable products with the most and best functionality in the market.

eTalkup was Regarded as a Great Tool for Website to Connect with Vistors
Release Date:11 / 21 / 2007

KillerStartup Review

Shopping online is not always as self explanatory as one may think. Many online shoppers have questions and when they cannot be answered they may become frustrated and annoyed and leave.

As a company you want everyone who visits your site to be a happy client who will consume, eTalkup helps companies make money by giving them the ability to give great customer service.

With eTalkup you can introduce your products and most importantly you can instantly answer any questions your customers may have about your products. eTalkup provides many customer service functions such as: Instant message IM, voice call, sharing images and files, and tracking services.

If you are familiar with Windows instant messenger, eTalkup works in a similar manner. If your customers can get the answers to their questions they are more likely to make a purchase. The tracking services can help inform you of what type of clients are interested in your products: when they visited your site, from where, etc… There are three registration options ranging in price and features. There is a free version which is designed for independent, smaller businesses. Communicate with your customers by using eTalkup.

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